by Justine Charles

IT STARTED AS AN IDEA. Which then became one of the best things I have decided to do for my years here on earth. All for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Everything changed when I accepted Him as my personal Lord and Saviour. Suddenly, the more I desired to know Him intimately, the more I started having a change of heart on all the things that my past life has been accustomed into. One of the things that changed was my view of people.

I started to love people. In a way and degree I would never have expected or imagined. Compassion.

I want others to experience what I experienced as I encountered and continue to get to personally know the Lord. I want others to experience Jesus themselves.

So these are some of the things that I do and am involved in now to help me accomplish that desire.


Details: Last 2013, our church partnered with Samaritan’s Purse Canada to deliver gifts packed in a shoe-box towards all the children from across the world. Yearly during Christmas, our church pack shoe-boxes full of gifts like toys and hygiene items to deliver to Samaritan’s Purse locations, as they send them to all the children around the world. Our church collects item or money donations to gift buy items to pack.

Affiliated Links & Sites: Samaritan’s Purse Canada


Details:  The Lord dropped in my heart the burden to share the Bible to people. Since then, I have been distributing Bibles to people I meet where I go. Just like brother Andrew from God’s Smuggler, I have around 10 Bibles in the trunk of my car, just in case God whispers to me to give one to someone I meet.

This mission right here is very special, mainly because last 2016 when I was meaning to buy 50 Bibles, I was unemployed. I thank the LORD for that time because He sent people to approach me privately to fund me the money to buy 50 Bibles! Now we are able to further His Kingdom even thru handing out One Book.

Affiliated Links & Sites: Operation: 50 Bibles


Details:  When the typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines last 2014, our church became more involved upon sending relief – physical and spiritual – to the most affected areas. Our church connected with our local church branches in the Philippines and the boxes we send are addressed to them.

This mission then became an annual commitment for our church to send boxes containing various items to wear, eat, and use – to areas where food and items are scarce. We glorify the LORD for this commitment our church has laid!

Affiliated Links & Sites: Christ the Living Stone Fellowship – Mississauga


Details:  The Lord opened my heart to see the need of other ministries outside my home church, and as I attended the Catch the Fire conference here in Canada last 2017, I have witnessed how align our burdens are in reaching the lost! 

I have been spiritually in-touched with other ministers – apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers – who proclaim the Good News all over the world, and I am actively participating in any prayer or financial support that is needed. All according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. 


Details:  This year, the LORD dropped a new mission for me. To SEND His people towards their Mission Field. There are a lot of available bodies, willing to go and proclaim the name of the LORD, be that attend a Prophetic Conference, or go to other places for training, or get sent to share the Word… I am one of those!

And I believe you are too!

But sometimes, the LORD asks us to stay and do His will where we are, and He lets someone else go. That’s where this mission comes to place. By your help, let us SEND THEM! In Jesus’ name. By His grace, I was given wisdom to save up for events like these where financial matters are needed. Even while unemployed, the LORD’S love overflows over me that I can always be at peace even with depleting numbers on my bank account. I want to give my all to the LORD in all the ways that I can.

Again, SEND!

Further His Kingdom: If you want to take part into furthering God’s Kingdom thru this mission, you can kindly head over to the site’s Further His Kingdom page. Bless God!