by Justine Charles

We are so blessed to see you here!

My name is Justine Charles and why I started my website is still personally tantalizing since I never had any background on really running a website at all. But as I was seeking the Lord about wanting to do more for Him, the idea of making one was dropped on me. This was from last January 2015. My passion in writing my thoughts, musings and personal reflections on “everything under the Son” has driven me to collect all of them in one space – this website. My happiest moments, my most thrilling experiences, and even my utmost lowest… I write them all.

Ever since I started learning more and more about the Lord, His goodness and greatness, His loving character and nature, His faithfulness and how gracious and merciful He is, I became very convicted to write what He is teaching me and share them to everyone. To Everyone who is seeking for the Truth. Everyone who is looking for answers. Everyone who is searching for peace that surpasses all understanding. Everyone who is grieving over a loss. Everyone who seeks to be SAVED.

Jesus Christ transformed me to become who I am supposed to be. A man filled with joy, peace, love, and contentment, praising and worshipping our Living God who has lead me to my True identity and destiny. What a purposeful life I am living indeed! To God be the glory, honour, and praise!

My website shares to you the adventures of an ordinary guy, journeying an extra-ordinary life with a purpose*. A  life with Jesus Christ.

I will be using my website to give you a personal testimony of how an average guy faces the challenges of life — his lifestyle, his hobbies, his thoughts, his struggles — with great feelings of security, peace, joy, and contentment, only attainable by FAITH.

My ultimate motivation in making this website is to encourageinspire, and challenge others to believe that having faith in Jesus Christ CAN and WILL overcome all obstacles life throws at us!

The Call

The vision of the church I am rooted in, Christ, the Livingstone Fellowship, is the same vision that I carry as a believer of Jesus Christ:

We are a Christ-centred, Spirit-filled, missions-oriented church, where every member is a minister, transforming individuals, communities and nations through the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.


Our Lord Jesus Christ has called us here on earth for a purpose; to reach the world and share the Good News to all nations (Matthew 28:19-20). Just like my church, I am personally on a mission to share the very Life of the One who has transformed me and gave me a reason to keep going. I have found my being. And I want others to find theirs too – one soul at a time. There is an answer to “what on earth am I here for?”! Seek and you shall find. 

Meet The Team

Lyca Denise – Website Editor and Contributor

Hi everyone, my name is Lyca Denise Bonode Ducusin, Denise for short. I am 24 years old, born and raised in Baguio City, Philippines. Our family migrated in Toronto, Canada year 2018. Because of that sudden shift in my life.

I thought the Lord has stripped me from all my daily activities with and for Him back home. I was so ready to turn away and just live life as it is but then His ways and plans are higher than mine. Just like most of us, the Lord met me in my abyss which was my turning point and since then I never let go (because He never did with me).

Just as everyone prayed for me, “Bloom where you’re planted” and true enough. So, let’s hold hands together in this faith journey, all for God’s glory.


Rosette Ann – Website Editor and Contributor

Hi, my name is Rosette Ann. I am one of the editors at JustineCharles.com. I grew up in Philippines, Dubai, U.A.E and Ontario, Canada, I have been exposed to diverse cultures and different learning styles all across the globe. I have been brought up as a person that values a relationship with Jesus Christ and ministering to people through multi-faceted forms like music and writing reflections that focuses on the love of God to us. I also love volunteering in the community.

My passion is working with children and people with disabilities which I pursued by taking Social Service Worker program and Early Childhood Education program at Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. I am an active member of the Christ the Living Stone Fellowship Mississauga wherein I support the children’s ministry as well as the worship team ministry since the year 2013 up until today. Currently, I work as a teacher assisting students with disabilities at the Peel District School Board. I have dedicated a personal website called www.HeartEnthroned.com if you want to know more about me.

I believe that to measure one’s spiritual maturity and growth is by how we love others more.


Bethany – Co-host on the All For Thee Podcast (Season 1)

Bethany is from New Zealand but has traveled and lived in a variety of countries around the world! She is passionate about working with indigenous and minority communities in the areas of language and culture preservation and revitalisation and is currently completing her Masters of Indigenous Studies.

In her leisure hours, Bethany loves to explore new places, take many photos, learn to play unique musical instruments, and spend time with friends.