by Justine Charles

 Have you ever wondered what on earth you are living for? Have you ever thought of your life’s purpose?

More than 7 Billion people, which basically sum up our whole population, will at least once in their whole existence ask or wonder what on earth they are here for.

I was 19 years old when this question came to my mind. I was having the best days of my life, enjoying all the great pleasures of this world, when suddenly I got a call from home that my dad was brought to the hospital. He was in a critical condition; had the blood clot going to his heart not got caught in his right thigh, he would have been dead right there and then.

It was devastatingly one of the lowest parts of my life, realizing how I couldn’t imagine my life without my dad – who I honestly have been taking for granted for a long time.

I had no one, I thought, I could hold on to. Not my mom, who was sadly back home in the Philippines when the event happened; not my siblings, who were trying their best to visit our dad despite their busy and crazy schedules on their individual works; not even my friends and classmates who were not even aware of what was happening in my life.

I had no hope. I had no one. I had no peace.

Until something miraculous happened on that dead, silent moment. Someone was knocking in my heart as if that someone was trying to break out from the brokenness I was feeling. It was as if that someone was trying to identify with me; letting me know that he understand what was going on with my life. I heard that someone trying to speak to me, as if he was whispering to me about him being there with me. That he is there. To comfort me; to give me a sense of hope; to give me a sense of peace.

That someone was GOD.

When I had no one to put my faith into anymore, on that perfect timing, at that perfect moment, He came to give me hope and peace.

As fast as that miraculous event happened, I somehow was able to have the strength and courage to face the trials in front of me with feelings of security and peace despite what will happen. And after that, life was somehow different then. That was the moment when I personally knew God.

My dad lived for 3 more years after that event, and during those three years and until now, I continue to know more and more about the Lord; His character, His nature, His ways, His wills. I continue to understand what my life is living for in this earth.

When I found God, I found my identity. I found my reason. I found my source of everything I need. He is the Saviour, the joy, the peace, the strength, the love, the guide, the ruler of Rulers, the Lord of lords, the King of kings, the One who gives us direction.

I gave my life to God. My own ways. My own wills. My own desires. They do not matter anymore. But since He holds my life, I know that He will do the best for my life. I have put my faith in Him; trust Him in His decisions for me; love Him for loving me first. I thank and worship Him for everything He has been doing in my life. Though the sorrow may come through the night, His joy comes in the morning!

I want to share this GOOD NEWS to everyone. That is my Destiny. To worship Him and thank Him whole-heartedly, until I breathe my last breath, and see Him again in heaven.

I want to let YOU know how amazing it is to have someone who is with you through it all. God never leaves you nor forsakes you. When everything else fails and disappears, He is there. He is the One you should start holding on to, because He is eternal. He is love. And He never changes.

That is my purpose in life. To KNOW HIM and to MAKE HIM KNOWN.

I may just be an ordinary person, existing together with 7 Billion other people in the world, but I am living an extra-ordinarily, purposeful life, because I have known my reason for living.


Thank You for reading up until here. I pray that you are encouraged or at least stirred up somewhere in your heart. What is your purpose in life?